Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two weeks old

Eight little puppies lined up in a row under the watchful eye of Auntie Tacara (not posed!)

Two weeks old, and many of the pups weigh around 3 lbs (each gained 1 lb this last week). Brown is currently the big boy at 3 lbs 2 oz. Orange boy is the smallest at 2 ½ lbs. Although Hermione is doing a great job feeding the gang, I am starting to provide the 3 smaller pups (Orange, Yellow, and Red) with some private nursing sessions so that they have a better chance of keeping up with their bigger littermates. The pups are becoming more cuddly and interactive. They are figuring out that those warm speed bumps in the puppy pool are actually littermates. I have added some environmental enrichment in the form of fuzzy bedding and stuffed animals. Earlier today, I saw 3 pups sleeping on a fake sheepskin, and another nuzzling the stuffed pig.

The pups now have names. I like to have a litter theme so that they have baby names instead of just being just Yellow or Pink for the 8 weeks they are with me. They may or may not keep these names once they leave. Hermione was from the Harry Potter litter, and obviously kept her name. I asked Hermione’s human family if they would like to give the pups Hindi names as a way of sharing their Indian heritage with this litter. They kindly provided the following names:

The Girls
Pink Basanti - “golden girl”
Yellow Aarushi - “first ray of the sun”
Purple Rani - “queen”
Red Muskan - “smile”, a term of endearment for an adorable young child

The Boys
Blue Raja - “king”
Orange Dhruv - mythical character, a boy who becomes the polar star. The story can be found at:
Green Ajay - “invincible”
Brown/dark blue Yash - “victory” for being the last one out!

Sleeping puppies 2 weeks old

Puppy pile 2 weeks old
Rani (Purple girl)

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  1. Gorgeous - and beautiful names, too! When I first saw the picture with Tacara in the pool, an old Sesame Street song popped into my head: "Which one of these things does not belong here?... which one of these things is not the same?" While she does't match the color scheme, Tacara certainly looks quite comfortable! What lucky puppies, to have such a sweet auntie!