Sunday, January 11, 2009

Doing Great!

Tub full of 2-day old puppies - hanging out while their puppy pool bedding is changed.
Hermione and the pups are all doing very well. Hermione looks great and is getting her appetite back. She is still taking her maternal duties very seriously and is reluctant to leave the pups, even to go toilet. The pups are an amazingly vigorous bunch for being less than 2 days old. They are all strong nursers and scooching around very well. They have quieted down considerably which is good, since that generally means warm, well fed puppies. The pups' umbilical cords have fallen off. And I took off the elastic hair band collars I used to identify the pups as newborns - they have already outgrown them!! For the next week or so, I will be identifying them with dabs of nontoxic paint on their rumps. For at least the first week, I will be weighing the pups daily to make sure everyone is gaining weight, and no pups are falling behind.
Orange boy sleeping in the crook of Hermione's front leg.

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