Saturday, January 31, 2009

3 weeks old

Big tub full of 3 week old puppies

Three weeks old and lots happening. This morning, the pups moved into the puppy pen set up in my living room. Although initially a bit confused, I locked Hermione in there with them for a bit, and they settled right down. Tacara loves now having ready access to the pups. Basanti was the first to christen the litter box, and Ajay and Muskan soon followed (I picked the pups up and placed them in the litter box when they started wandering around). Yesterday, I noticed that the pups' baby teeth are starting to erupt - poor Hermione. Weights at 3 weeks range from 3 lbs 7 oz (Dhruv) to 4 lbs 2 oz (Yash and Ajay). Raja, Yash, Ajay and Basanti are little butter balls. Even as the small pup, Dhruv looks great and I have few concerns about his health. Doing the math, the pups together now weigh 50% of Hermione's weight.

Mama 'Mione and grandma Yuma (darker dog)


  1. Happy 3 week birthday to the pupsters, and what an adorable mother/daughter pic!!!

  2. Wonderful! How about a 3-generation photo? Will mama go for it?

  3. It isn't so much whether Hermione will let Yuma around the pups, but whether Yuma will bother being around the pups. We need to get a human in the picture to make it worth Yuma's effort.