Saturday, January 17, 2009

1 Week Old

6-day old puppies, snoozing in the puppy pool

Hard to believe it was just a week ago I helped whelp this litter. Nancy, who helps out midday, and I were commenting this has been the easiest, most vigorous of the 5 litters we have raised together. Hermione continues to have plenty of milk and the some pups have already doubled their birth weights!! Doubling by 1 week of age is very rapid growth, more typical of small litters. As of yesterday evening, the pups weighed 23-29 oz. Yellow girl and Orange boy are the smaller pups, and Pink girl (aka Miss Piggy) is the big pup. The pups are wagging their tails when they nurse and starting to get up on their feet instead of just scooching around like a seal. Eyes are still closed, but I am expecting them to open in the next few days. BioSensor exercises continue daily along with some one-on-one cuddling. Yesterday, the pups received their first nail trim. Hermione is gradually becoming more relaxed, spending short periods of time away from the pups, and only minimally concerned when I borrow a puppy. Hermione is currently eating 7 cups of dog kibble per day and looking for more.
Poor Hermione on puppy watch

Green boy after BioSensor exercises

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