Saturday, February 21, 2009

6 weeks old

Rani and Yuma

Yash, "king of the foot stool". The foot stool was removed from the puppy pen shortly after this pic since the pups were starting to take flying leaps off of it.

Dhruv and Aarushi in the pup hut. The hut also had to be removed from the pen since the pups were taking great joy in flattening it or hauling it off.

Crate "training" (Yash & Rani)

Pups are 6 weeks old and becoming a very active bunch. They are often awake and playing in the puppy pen and LOVE coming out. Earlier this week when it was warmer, they had a couple of outside adventures in the front yard. They handled the experience with confidence and curiosity - hoping for some decent weather next week. Hermione went home today, so the milk bar has officially closed. The pups still have adult dogs to interact with, and are eating and drinking well on their own. This litter is so different from previous litters in that human attention is more rewarding than food. All my other litters have taking eating very seriously. This litter wants attention first, and then will get around to leisurely eating - not a bad trait.

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