Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life in the puppy pen

The pups are starting to nurse standing up - the only way there is room for everyone at the milk bar.

The pups love living in the puppy pen. They have been quite active and are enjoying their new toys. They also now get exposure to more household sounds. Ajay and Muskan actually went over to the litter box and toileted on their own - GOOD puppies! Hermione is enjoying her freedom. She can come and go from the the puppy pen and hang out with the other dogs in the main part of the house instead of being stuck back in the bedroom. Auntie Tacara likes having free access to the pups. Granddam Yuma is indifferent about the pups, UNLESS there is a person in the puppy pen. She is always one for human attention. I introduced the pups to soaked puppy kibble and they were less than impressed. They much prefer canned food and mama's milk. For breakfast this morning, the pups scarfed down a 1/2 can of Iams followed by a trip to the milk bar. If hungry, they will eat some soaked kibble from my hand or from a plate - Dhruv had quite a bit of kibble for lunch. I have also added a small water dish to the pen so they can start experimenting with drinking from a bowl - small because much more will get spilt than drunk.

Tacara watching Dhruv in the puppy pen

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