Saturday, February 7, 2009

4 weeks old

Hermione and her big brood

Very full big tub full of 4-week old pups. I have since brought out a second tub for the next pen cleaning. The litter is now a 2 tub litter.

4 weeks old and growing up fast. The pups weighed in at 4 lbs 10 oz (Dhruv) to 5 lbs 14 oz (Yash). After a couple of days, the pups thought soaked puppy kibble wasn't too bad, and are currently enthusiastically eating 6 c per day, plus still nursing from Hermione. They are also starting to experiment with the water bowl - drinking from the bowl is an important milestone prior to weaning. They received their first real puppy collars (or in some cases cat collars) and look very cute. They are doing an admirable job of hitting the litter box, and keep their beds nice and clean. Such an easy litter. Yesterday, I bumped out the puppy pen to full size (approx 8 x 4 ft), and added a few more toys. The pups have also proven today that they can climb over the low step-over panel I have inserted in the ex-pen to allow the big dogs easy access. I will need to substitute the higher panel come Monday. The pups are totally delightful to watch play, and their little personalities are starting to emerge. Muskan is the calm cuddler. Aarushi is the sunny social girl, living up to her name. Dhruv is an outgoing, clever little boy. Ajay is the big, boisterous, vocal pup.
Assistance dog-in-training Faith checking out the pupsters
Auntie Tacara enjoying the full sized puppy pen. The one pup is hanging off her ear.

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  1. Fantastic photos! They are even sweeter in real life. Thanks for letting us visit today! You are doing such a superb job with them!