Sunday, February 8, 2009

First solo adventure

Another busy puppy weekend. The pups hosted a number of visitors and loved all the extra human attention. They had their weekly nailtrim and 4-week worming. Rani turned out to be the little escape artist, and I needed to put up the higher step-over panel Saturday evening. Purple collar girl Shani from the previous litter was also the pup who first climbed over the gate, must be something about purple collars. After dinner, I took the pups individually into my bedroom for their first baby puppy training session. We did simple luring on a blanket with some canned food, had an introduction to the clicker, and then I let the pups explore a bit (laminate flooring and cats were two new experiences in my bedroom). Sessions were very short. Working with pups solo tends to really reveal their temperaments, and there were a few surprises from this session. Not surprising, Ajay, Aarushi, and Yash were the most confident pups. Dhruv and Rani explored, but were a bit more cautious. Muskan initially just wanted to hang out with me and cuddle, but once she moved away, she explored in a similar manner to Dhruv and Rani. Raja, who had seemed like an outgoing pup, explored but was whiny and showing some stress. The big surprise was seemingly calm, confident Basanti who was very tentative and had her tail down while exploring. Once back in the puppy pen, Basanti proceeded to haul a full sheet of newspaper from the litter box half way across the pen, thus she didn't seem too stressed out by the solo experience. As time allows, Nancy (midday caretaker) and I will continue these solo experiences, gradually increasing the time and number of new experiences.

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