Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lots of playing around

Ajay and his new teddy bear, a gift from Hermione's family

The pups had their first experience with snow, a bit brisk, but I figured they could handle it. They started out tentatively, but then had a grand time running around with the big dogs. Currently, I have a sound effects CD playing for the pups, which I will continue to play at increasing volume during the next couple of weeks. I heard back from Hermione's family that Hermione is adjusting to life without puppies just fine - no big surprise. With the mobile milk bar gone, the pups are eating 9+ cups of kibble per day.

Aarushi & Yuma

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  1. Well, Grandma Yuma stepped up! What adorable pics-again! Glad to hear the Mama'Mione did not have a chance to miss her babies with all the attention that I'm sure was lavished upon her.