Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy weekend

The pups had a very busy weekend. Despite it being in the 20's, the pups were very eager to outside, and vigorously played in the backyard, seemingly immune to the bitter cold. It was nice because they did some of their toileting outside, but at least once, they came back in looking like gold and brown retrievers, having discovered some mud to dig in. They entertained numerous visitors, and I was very pleased with how well they did with young children. Rani, the gate climber, is starting to look up and has discovered there is another level to explore and new ways to make mischief. This afternoon, I microchipped everyone. Despite this litter testing quite touch sensitive, they handled the microchip implantation with minimal fussing. Pups are currently eating over 12 cups of puppy kibble per day.


  1. Hi loved reading all your posts.
    I am Dagmar, my family and I will be Raja's host family while he growes up. What a handsome little creature he is. We could tell by your pics that they like adventure. So, right now we are all racing through the house to make it puppy safe. It has been such a long time since our 11 year old black lab has been a puppy. But we remember well what all he managed to get into.
    Take care

  2. Hi,
    I am Heather, Zaki's mommy, and it looks like Raja will be Zaki's pup! We are so excited. I read through the whole blog, looks like you have done an absolutely wonderful job. Tell Hermione's family thanks for the name! We will def keep it! It has the same meaning as Zaki (zuh-kigh) in an African dialect! So I will keep you updated on the "tale of two kings!" God Bless you in all your endeavors!
    The Jackson family in Colorado Springs, CO